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Posted on: 12/20/17


We are proud to offer garage door opener repair in Allen, TX. Your opener system can sometimes stop working correctly for a variety of reasons. You will likely know fast that something is wrong because it will appear that your garage door is not working by failing to open and close smoothly, or you will see that a part of your opener is loose, or that the opener is unresponsive. This could be the result of improper installation; wear and tear; or something else. Regardless, we can have a look and provide a solution here at Allen Garage Door. 

 We provide everything you need:

Perhaps you are looking to have your current opener replaced. Let us discuss the benefits of chain drive, screw drive and belt drive openers. We will also discuss cons that people talk about. We are open and honest with our customers, and want to make sure that you get the best service for garage door opener installation and repair. Allen, TX locals are lucky to have our team around.

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