Garlic oil - (Arlington)

Posted on: 01/07/18


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Garlic oil Synonyms: FEMA 2503;GARLIC;GARLIC OIL, CHINESE;GARLIC OIL, MEXICAN;Garlic, ext.;ALLIUM SATIVUM (GARLIC) BULB EXTRACT;Allium sativum bulbs;Garlicextract/Allicin CAS: 8008-99-9 EINECS: 232-371-1 Product Categories: Improve Organism Immunity;Alphabetical Listings;Essential OilsFlavors and Fragrances;Flavors and Fragrances;G-H Boiling point 150-208 °C density 1.083 g/mL at 25 °C refractive index n20/D 1.575 Fp 47 °C email: tom at chembj dot com skype: tomchembj whatsapp: +8618928175421

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