Native American Authentic INDIAN JEWELRY & Collectibles also VINTAGE TOYS BUY SELL TRADE & CONSIGN - (Dallas)

Posted on: 12/24/17



KANES COLLECTIBLES FOR YOUR AUTHENTIC NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY AND COLLECTIBLES PLUS VINTAGE TOYS .. Over the years, we have offered the finest in Authentic Hand Made NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY and OLD AMERICAN INDIAN COLLECTIBLES AND VINTAGE TOYS AND ANTIQUES… It has been our pleasure to educate our customers so that they can make an intelligent decision on their purchases… We will continue to do so WE CARRY MANY INDIGENOUS EXAMPLES W/ NATIVE AMERICAN USE! Or if there is anything special that you are looking for, please advise so we can help you find what you need. ** I WILL ALWAYS TREAT YOU THE WAY I WANT TO BE TREATED **** ** We always offer a buy back guarantee.. .WHY??? Because we NEVER MIND getting any of our collection back *!!!!!! ***We also have and will buy VINTAGE TOYS *** Email: Web: /a> Phone: 561-827-0112 Thank you !!! David P. Kane KANES CONSIGNMENTS...... After much thought, We have decided to offer the following to our Valued Customers and Institutions. What made me come to this decision was, I wanted to give individuals that have AUTHENTIC VINTAGE NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY and/or COLLECTIBLES another option in Selling their Goods. Galleries - Are you aware of the Outrageous commissions that they Charge their consignors? After much investigation with the owners of these establishments, I was informed (someone with expertise for over 35 years) that their fees to me were 60/40, which means that on a $1000 item they wanted $400 commission per $1000 face amount... OUTRAGEOUS and INSULTING......... This compelled me to give quality consignors a No Loose Situation. Our Simple Terms 1. You Shoot A Min of Four (4) Photo's Per Item. 2. You Keep the Item In Your Possession 3. When The Item is Sold, We will Send You An Invoice, Plus Payment Less Commission of ONLY 25 PERCENT ( 1/2 OF WHAT THEY CHARGE) and You will Send the Item To Us, and We will Consumate the Transaction. Easy as 1, 2, 3 and your MERCHANDISE NEVER LEAVES YOUR POSSESSION Dealers - This Policy gives YOU the opportunity to Sell Your Merchandise at Shows and have another venue to sell your Items. Its very simple, If you Sell it While Marketed on our site, We will just Mark it Sold.... SIMPLE AND EASY. PHONE US TODAY, at any time, If you have any questions, Regarding YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN COLLECTIBLES. We have a Wonderful Customer Base and Can Get You Fair Market Value. b>Old Ingot Silver Indian Jewelry, Old Pawn, Vintage Ingot Silver Bracelets, Turquoise Indian Jewelry, Native American Bead Work, Tufa Cast, Native American Collectibles, coin silver, Hand Wrought, Hand Stamped, Vintage Silver Jewelry, Pre-Historic Pottery, American Indian Baskets, Native American Rugs and Textiles, American Indian Bead Work, Direct From Indian Reservations and Co-Ops, Navajo, Zuni, Pueblo fine goods,Turquoise Indian Jewelry, Native American Bead Work, Pre-Historic Pottery, American Indian Baskets, Native American Rugs and Textiles.... and so on.....Ingot / Pawn Jewelry. .... and so on.

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